Make It Happen Thursday

Welcome to Make it Happen Thursday!

Hello everyone,

This is my final Make it Happen Thursday post. I have truly enjoyed being involved with the cafe through the years, since 2018 in fact. It’s time for me to scale back allowing me more time to spend on my blogs and other avenues I am pursuing.

I don’t know the future of Make it Happen Thursday but I feel sure the Go Dog Go Cafe team will handle it accordingly.

Wishing all a joyous holiday season.

Make it Happen Thursday is the day for members and readers to discuss writer’s block and to introduce a poet or writer they enjoy reading. I hope to see your suggestions in the comments relating to either or both topics.

This is also the day when all members of the Go Dog Go Cafe community come together to tidy up odds and ends as we near the end of the week, and I feel a great time to regroup.

Though I tend to wind down toward the weekend with my writing and life in general, I like to begin the planning process for the oncoming week. This way, I give myself plenty of time to set mini-goals. Kind of a one-step-at-a-time approach.

With that said, Make it Happen Thursday, has an added feature and that is to share thoughts on planning and setting goals to make our writing the best it can be. I would love to see your suggestions in the comments about writing tips and methods.

“The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes. ”
― Agatha Christie

While you are enjoying your cappuccino or favorite latte, please feel free to check out all the features of the cafe.

Promote Yourself Mondays

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Make It Happen Thursday

Throwback Friday

We feel sharing ideas along with sharing the works of other writers will benefit all of us.

Hosted by Eugenia

7 thoughts on “Make It Happen Thursday

  1. I advance my writing by reading a lot of articals on Google and Flipboarf and I always include at least one oicture I haven’t used here before. I borrow pictures from Pinterest, Flipboard and Facebook or I paint my own.

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