Make It Happen Thursday

Welcome to Make it Happen Thursday!

This is the day when all members of the Go Dog Go Cafe community come together to tidy up odds and ends as we near the end of the week.

We welcome suggestions to combat writer’s block because it can happen to the best of us. We encourage you to share your ideas in the comments below or leave a link to a post from your own blog on the subject of writer’s block.

Also, all members of the Go Dog Go Cafe are invited to introduce a Poet or Writer they enjoy reading. Just drop a link to promote a poet/writer you appreciate and a brief explanation of why you think they are special is welcome.

Highlights from last week’s Make it Happen Thursday –

Roshni Ramanan Hello everyone 👋 Here’s a short piece on braving the writer’s block:
Happy blogging 🌟

ivor20 Hi Eugenia, I’m definitely an expert on writing, and overcoming the mysteries of writer’s block is hard … but I like to keep it simple, and look at the small things that are around you … hmmm .. this poem of mine below, might explain what I’m trying to say ..

“Sharpen Those Pencils”

I like to write with a 2B lead pencil
I enjoy the earthy feel of wood in my fingers
And the soft touch of carbon upon paper

During sharpening time, my mind ponders
About the origins of those timber shavings
And the history behind the carbon slithers
These tiny trival objects all evoke thoughts
Then the thoughts instigate words in my mind
And simply like that, my writing process begins

I never retire without my note-pad nearby
And a lead pencil as my trusty writing scribe
Sometimes heavy, other times light
A necessary sword to fight off a dark night

Barbara S hi,
my own experience: had to learn to trust first lines or phrases that pop into my head:If I write them down, they rarely change but lead on to something…

Alana Faith LucasTalents don’t leave you As this is my first blog since last year I was unsure what to write about. Its been a difficult year for me even outside the pandemic so all my hobbies, interests, and talents came to a stop. So I thought the best topic to write about is to reach out to those creative types, … Continue reading

Andrew McDowell Here’s my selection:

thereluctantpoet Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet.

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6 thoughts on “Make It Happen Thursday

  1. Thank you for your excellent selection, Andrew. The link shared leads to a wonderfully written creative non-fiction story authored by Rosa Romero and published by jmwwblog · “a weekly journal of writing publishing the best in fiction, poetry, flash, essays, and interviews (or a close approximation). Our stories have appeared in Best American Essays, Best Small Fictions, Wigleaf Top 50, BIFFY, Best of Net, and the VERA.” You can submit work to jmwwblog here –


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