Make It Happen Thursday

Welcome to Make it Happen Thursday!

This is the day when all members of the Go Dog Go Cafe community come together to tidy up odds and ends as we near the end of the week.

We welcome suggestions to combat writer’s block because it can happen to the best of us. We encourage you to share your ideas in the comments below or leave a link to a post from your own blog on the subject of writer’s block.

Also, all members of the Go Dog Go Cafe are invited to introduce a Poet or Writer they enjoy reading. Just drop a link to promote a poet/writer you appreciate and a brief explanation of why you think they are special is welcome.

While you are enjoying your cappuccino or favorite latte, please feel free to check out all the features of the cafe.

Promote Yourself Mondays

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Haibun Wednesday

Make It Happen Thursday

Throwback Friday

We feel sharing ideas along with sharing the works of other writers will benefit all of us.

Hosted by Eugenia

13 thoughts on “Make It Happen Thursday

  1. I find that to combat writers, I write something everyday …. it can be nonsense, trival, or any silly thought that buzzs into my head … I wrote this tonight Eugenia ..

    I never retire without my note-pad nearby
    And a lead pencil as my trusty writing scribe
    Sometimes heavy, other times light
    A necessary sword to fight off a dark night

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you and I appreciate you sharing your post. I agree prompts are a great way to spark our creativity. I love your entertaining blog and hope everyone reading this will pay you a visit.


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