With These Steps

Often thoughts, words and even full writing come to me while walking. This was written during one of my daily walks just about a year ago. The words appear almost completely unedited from when I hammered them out on my phone as I walked. 

I like to think of it in the form of how I hear one of my favorite bands (Silver Jews). Their writing and cadence of delivery was in my head as the words flowed.


with these steps the song will be written

that barking dog doesn’t scare me anymore, there was just something on his mind

now weathered and unmarked, roadside posts no longer lead the way

these endless right turns have you dizzy and ready to move on

roads ahead are unknown, but circles never reach tomorrow

red with beauty, winter berries hung upon the weeping shrub

drawing my gaze were orange shutters framing the mustard home

what is the wish of the oak as it envies the redwood

chimneys choke down yesterday’s forest while chasing away winter’s blues

stone walls stare down the seasons, sharing no secrets

raging passion, not anger carries the fight to defend

tattered flags wave farewell as the wind takes troubles away

those manicured lawns tended to by the busy mind cannot hide the pain inside 

refusing to face these problems has you slipping in place 

a lone hawk stands upon a barren branch as a distant spring stands in delay

some Silver Jews to get you acquainted

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