Halloween Guest Feature- dancelilli


Seasons creep up on you
you take the long bleary
look out across summer
spy that blood red leaf
and think you know about fall
Until the air bites with a chill
at your neck and the 
clinging leaves
circle your ankles
The darkness descends
and the line between
night and day slithers away
Jack’s lanterns appear
on stoops their ghoulish smiles
tarry ’til nighttime
Did you know they roll 
to their victims?
And the pumpkin slime
on the lanes?
Some lucky one that got away
Skeletons appear in yards
graveside planning parties 
while we sleep
Be wary
All Hallows eve approaches
monsters and ghosts freely
stamping passports on the earth
mingle with playful children
Did you know chocolate
pairs well with hemo-goblin?


Thank you for your submission! We hope to see more like it. Come celebrate this Halloween season with GoDogGoCafe by submitting links to your October poems/prose here.

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