Stories To Share -Michael Erickson

Set fire to these dried strands of thought,

And ignite a deeper vein of thinking.

I burn with inspiration while being,

And know something is about to happen.

Take me from places deep,

And let me peer into a wandering world.

Where the very air beckons me to go.

Where dare I say, may I land?

Only that which propels me onward knows.

I wish to journal out each eccentric line,

Upon this heavily annotated mind of mine.

Let ink smug my fingers as I furrow this brow,

And contrive to share a vision or two.

For the world is such a different place,

From me to you with our roads combined.

Lend me your eyes and imagination,

That we may transcend to higher thinking.

All the whole vividly hallucinating,

On the possibilities of what could be.

My souls song beats out it’s rhythm,

To an infinite whirl of stories.

Let us both be brave enough,

To try with ink and paper.

That which so many others have done,

And connect our stories as one.

Michael is a husband, father, writer, poet, and aspiring author. He finds time to scribble down his thoughts in the dead of night, between ghosts and night owls. If you’d like to read more of his poetry follow the link here. Or to visit his full blog, ‘The Ink Owl’ click here.

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