Published – February – Megha Sood

Hello Everyone-

Please join me in congratulating Megha Sood on another fabulous month of published work. Megha is kind enough to share this list with us as they are a wonderful resource should you decide you want to submit your own work.


Following is the list of publications/radio shows/events for the month of February 2021. 

1. Anthology “Earth a Place worth Fighting For”, UK

2. Poetry published in LILIPOH Winter Edition, USA

3. Poetry Published ” Arcs Prose Anthology 2021″

4. Media Mention of #TheKaliProject in Borderless Journal, Singapore

5. Poetry Published in Visual Verse

6. Poetry Published ” It’Cant Happen Here”, Moonstone Arts, PA

7. Featured Poet in the “The Box ” Reinvention” at the Jersey City Theater Centre, New Jersey

8. Poetry Published in the Subterranean Blue Poetry

9. Featured in PBS American Portrait

10. Poetry reading at the “When Women Speak” event

11. Poetry events for the Prolific Press Poets

12. Poetry featured in the 24 Annual Ink Poetry by Moonstone Arts, PA

13. Blog Tour and Book Review “Medusa’s Daughter” by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

14. Finalist in the Best Poem Category by Adelaide Literary Awards 2020

15. Poetry Published in the Word City Monthly

16. Review of the novel “The Red Diary” published on the Different Truths website

17. Poetry reading for the Spectrum Publishing, California

18. Chapbook acceptance by Finishing Line Press

19. Poetry Published in the Poetry Quarterly Fall Edition

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