An Unanswered Letter – prikcab (Ian Perlman)

the cold can be unforgiving

although sometimes

the crisp air clears the way for the same star 

for us to stare upon together

we would walk blanketed fields together

and hear the crunching of snow beneath our boots

would we look at each other and know 

I think about that

I don’t want just one more day

I want them all

Is that asking too much

The absence is aching

as sweet spring breezes lilt around us

you could talk for hours

I would hear your stories and memorize your laugh

your mother’s heart 

pure and true

wants me to share my hopes, dreams and fears

the blooms of the season

buoy our thoughts

I don’t want just one more day

I want them all

We have both been robbed

by fate’s cruel thief

when we would lose our way

and sadness met the summer rain

stomping and spinning through puddled streets

would help hide the tears

singing at the top of our lungs with windows down

thoughts towards kicking flip flops in the sand

once beside the crashing waves 

we drifted and browned

I don’t want just one more day

I want them all

There will always be spaces

I will fill you in best I can

I’m constantly wondering where we left off

where we would go and where we should be

rustling autumn leaves have me wishing 

for more memories to help me sleep

you were young and you were strong

you’ve been gone for far too long

you were called away from home

time has been stolen from me and my mom

I don’t want just one more day

I want them all

Seasons change

And you are still not here

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