Where I go no one can follow by Liyona

Far and wide the river ran

Outside of my heart running deep

Carving stone waters rushing

There I stood at the edge

Almost falling in

Hollow and alone I saw the rushing

Feelings pass me by

As I let the river rush along

Never touching the deep

For where I go 

No one can follow

And where I tred

None can comfort

My absent mind believing that the

Waters will poison me

Long and empty I stood at the 

Water’s edge not knowing that 






Lay on the other side.

This poem is directly inspired by the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge found here at Go Dog Go Cafe. The prompt this time was “ where I go no one can follow”. I am working through older prompts to help spark my imagination. Tune in tomorrow to see the new challenge for this week! Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


Liyona is an “average joe” kind of writer who likes to think about ordinary things and then write them down. Ever since she can remember, she has been rhyming words and creating lyric poems. During her college years, she took a more serious bent toward writing and started to post on her blog (The Life and Times of a Quirky Character.) Currently, she resides on the East Coast of the United States just north of the country’s capital. 

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