Throwback Friday – Runaway Train – Michele Vecchitto

Sharing a post from 2016


Can’t get off this train

barreling down tracks skewed

a little to the left, to the right

Meticulously laid by those

who create the future

while running from the past

In-depth plans malleable

trusting in blind faith

and blank stares

of willing riders


as they


photo: Pexels

prompts: Poets on the Page, Five Minute Fridays/Write 31 Days, WP Daily Post, #PoetteerChat

3 thoughts on “Throwback Friday – Runaway Train – Michele Vecchitto

  1. Sipping tea
    Gazing out the window
    Watching the world wiz by
    A bump
    Tea spills
    Another bump
    Who’s driving this thing
    But, we remain on the tracks
    Perhaps earth hiccuped
    Maybe a stone caught the wheels
    But, we remain on the tracks
    We’re gaining speed
    Missed the station
    But, we remain on the tracks
    Are we considered a runaway
    When our feet are still planted
    Or must we crash
    To be given that designation


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