THROWBACK FRIDAY – Linda Lee Lyberg – What Matters

Hushed whispers of the turning page
Leaden weight of the words in my hands.
As shadows dance on textured walls
The story unfolds in endless waves
And my mind once shackled, now free
Of heavy chains binding me to this life.

Surrounded by books for they’ve become my life
Never tiring of thoughts on the written page
For words are ancient keys to be forever free.
And each time I hold them in my hands
Memories wash over, an ocean of waves
crashing against a mentality built of solid walls.

Here in my peaceful mind, there are no walls
No death to fear for I am eternal, cherishing life
I rewrite my troubled past, ride the restless waves
As I turn yet another yellowing page
Caressing each one with soft wrinkled hands
For the poetry I write sets my anxious soul free.

In this world of words my heart roams free
There are no confining grey stone walls
For I hold so many ideas in these hands
That enrich and fill my precious book of life
As I inscribe page after page after page
Tears spill from my grateful eyes in sea salt waves.

I ride my emotions on the cresting waves
No longer in prison my thoughts are free.
With each dusty sigh of the turning page,
I create open doors where solid walls
Imprisoned me and what I wanted in my life
While I re-write destiny with these two hands.

Sometimes the ache in my weary hands
Floods my mind, comes in painful waves
Yet I would not change anything in this life
For there is always a price for living free
And the tearing down of society’s walls
As each generation writes another page.

Though these hands are now old, I am alive and free
As stormy blue waves erode crumbling walls
I pen the story of my vibrant life, scribing it on the page.

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Linda Lee Lyberg is an author, poet, wife, and mother. She resides in Mesa, AZ with her husband Pete (aka The Big Viking) of 23 years and her dog, Ricky Bobby who loves to go real fast. She writes various forms of poetry, as well as short stories. Several of her works have appeared in various anthologies and online literary magazines.
You can read more of her works at: and her Amazon Author Page

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