Throwback Friday – His & Her Words – Man Enough – Eric (EDC Writing)

My senses are overwhelmed, my emotions raw, my agony real, I so need you. I gasp, the pain cuts deep into my heart of having to accept that there is nothing I can say to bring you close to me, to see, to touch, to hold, to kiss. I thought I could find the words to move you, it seems I’m not man enough for you, I’m sorry, I truly wish I was. Perhaps one day you’ll call, I have to believe you will, else what has this all been for?


Now I’m even more confused. I can’t compete with your beautifully written message and I’m not sure I even know what you are talking about. You are more than man enough for me and I really was hoping for a deep and lasting relationship with you. I don’t know what to say or how to make you see how much you mean to me.


His & Her Words posted in February 2018 on EDC Writing – Believing Sight Unseen –

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