Throwback Friday, Mask, by Ivor Steven

20200724_173150 (2)

A poem I wrote back in August 2017, and with our present situation of having to wear a protective face cover, my little piece of mystery sc-fi, seems to be appropriate for today….




Behind my shield

A secret hides

The mask in the mirror

Isn’t my image

Just a shadow

A veneer, brittle and thin


The smogs seeping in

Upon my mask’s

Deepest sockets

Oozy false lashes

Dark as pepper, they burn my skin

Scaly wrappings

Grotesquely etched

But the camouflage remains


A ceremonial face

Oversees my disguise

Then abruptly soaring aloft

Over oceans and skies

I am a star traveller

Old and wise

So Who am I?

Beyond my alien eyes



Ivor Steven (c)  August 2017

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