Imagining Peace, Documenting Reality-Devereaux Frazier

where’s the nearest chair

electrical? my nerves

death by torture? my brain

these memories, these inconsistencies

I’m hot, then cold, tired of the young

and the old

way of doing things, this life, these times

death by choice, sexy suicide

everybody’s grasping for the clitoris

thinking they’ve found they key to happiness

but they’re jacking off into her bellybutton

calling the sex incredible, instead it’s terrible

and these children being created

are inevitable police slaughter

untrained rage packed into slot car minds

pedophiles in government try to fill those slots

big dicks, all pricks, truly a waste of space

but while they stuff your daughter

you stuff ballots

they really do get it on both ends

Facebook wars rage into days and weeks

all the while the jobless starve and wonder

is this the land of the free, or the freely stupid

sure, have my job, my career, my livelihood

all I do is wear a mask and stay indoors

spinning on their heads

like prostitutes spinning men outside bars

alleyways full of squandered paychecks

spill it on the ground, town after town

hoping the rain will wash it all away

I have had enough of this fucking bullshit

quacks call Trump their savior

fascists await the coming of communism

we can all hide having snowball fights

only the forts are human bodies

and the snowball is only the morsel of food

politics said we were allowed to have

if black lives matter how come we abort them

if all lives matter

how come the police run unchecked

branches of CIA run by leaders who are MIA

point a finger and you’ve got four more

pointing back

including a shot

ringing through the schoolyard

and a knee on the back of your neck

I can’t breathe

I’m running from the insanity

but I always come back

inner circles? just circle jerks of self sabotage

friends can’t understand why I’m so angry

as every foray onto the internet

or into the workplace

devolves into half hearted, wholly retarded

misconceptions of science and history

should I kill myself and become part of it

hell no, because I won’t be missed

but rather misused

a reason to kill

or a reason to kill the system

both of which

are slavery to the exact same man

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