Father’s Day Chat with Stephen, 6/21/20

What has been going on? My personal world had just started to fall into a new normal in March; healthy routines and projects moving me forward into a new life outside the confines of the Navy and inside a sense of peace that had been missing for too many years.

Then COVID-19.

Then a long overdue racial awakening.

Perspective comes often when we least expect, and these two events provide (thought about a past tense there, but these two events are far from over) welcome perspectives needed in our time of greed and privilege.

My writing mind has shifted from the internal seeker of peace to one looking at the world around him and recognizing these are extraordinary days that, if I am to use my voice it must be used in a way that advances those welcomed perspectives.

People are dying who shouldn’t be.

Let’s talk and write about that. The grief we feel, the horror we see, the abhorrent lies that are perpetuated in an effort to advance greedy and selfish agendas of power. Let’s talk and write about that.

People are dying who shouldn’t be.

My friends, baristas, and guests at the Cafe, I hope you have been well and found your perspective and hopefully remained healthy. For those of you struggling with illness be it COVID-19 or cancer; for those of you looking for ways to help our long overdue racial awakening achieve the desired end state of an end to a cancerous hate that has grown like a malignant tumor not only in my country, but in too many, my thoughts, prayers and encouragement are for you.

People are dying who shouldn’t be.

Keep writing about that, your grief, your outrage, and, perhaps most of all, the hope you find in the little moments of poetry every day.

I have missed you all. Be well and do good.

Happy Father’s Day.

6 thoughts on “Father’s Day Chat with Stephen, 6/21/20

  1. I’m glad you’re talking about this, we need more of these topics circulating around our daily conversations. I’ve been making sure to have pointed conversations about racism with those around me. It’s terrifying, exhilarating, and needed.

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    • I am happy to talk about this and plan to more and more. Racism in all flavors is abhorrent. For our go dog go community, drawing readers from every corner of the world, it should be even more abhorrent. Turning my eyes outward again I see things I saw and hated as a child, little has changed and what has often has been for the worse. We can be better, we must be better, but it starts with me owning the fact that for too long I did not enough outrage and too much inrage.

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  2. An awesome write! Happy belated Father’s Day to you. I now wonder if your suggested confrontations, could be the beginning of cleansing and healings? Maybe all negativities contribute to those that are physical as COVID.. maybe🤔


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