Throwback Friday – Renovation – Eric (EDC Writing)

From June 2018 – a poem and a six-word line posted separately now combined:


Key in the door
a little stiff
needs lubricating
she keeps telling him

Steps inside
odd smell greets
wet plaster wood dust
others homes not his

Walls overfilled holes
tiles broken rough edges
doors an inch too short
frames botched distorted

Windows condensation soaked
heating gone awry
message painted on a wall
your home as you left mine


Prerequisite… drill then screw. Nailed it.


EDC, an Englishman, a scientist, retired fellow, now writing, as is, whatever comes into his head. Can be found blogging poetry, lines and other things as ‘EDC Writing -Believing Sight Unseen’ at – a collection ‘Shorts – a take on poetry’ published by Potter’s Grove Press in May 2020.

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