Sniveling Drivel


blurry snapshots of life

add confusion and strife

life’s not tied with a bow

know where to dip your toe

isn’t easy to walk and chew gum

the game it’s zero-sum

wazzup with the golden egg

did it boogie with oldpegleg

hey, you know I’m smitten

coz I found a lost mitten

a crucial piece of the puzzle

the prize a decadent truffle

I think we should dance

tired of this happenstance

is it me, myself and me

or me, myself and I

© Franci Eugenia Hoffman

A gander at me –
I enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally and personally. Now it’s time for me to follow my dreams by doing things I enjoy…spending time with family, learning, sharing, traveling, writing poetry, and encouraging others to pursue their goals. My writing and creative endeavors can be found at my blogs, Eugi’s Causerie and PoetryPalette, where I have gathered a following of kindred souls who share my passion for writing. I have authored Fanciful Delights and Mama, me and Mother NatureI am also a published author on Spillwords.


While you’re being creative, nothing is wrong. There’s no such thing as a mistake, and any drivel may lead to the breakthrough. – John Cleese





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