Apocalypse – Christine E. Ray

the world burns wild chaotic flames licking at my heels melts amber encasing me drop by precious drop preferred armor for fragile sanity beginning to blur bubble fail primal scream growing deep in my gut barely suppressed I teeter one presidential tweet one revisionist headline one bigoted Facebook post away from bursting supernova simultaneously struck … Continue reading Apocalypse – Christine E. Ray

Last Words

As I write my last words today- April’s fragrant zephyr kisses my faceThis beautiful unique day will not be Wasted on morbid news of this diseaseBut rather I’ll dream-Of simple things like a sultry caressing breezeAnd birds singing their love songs from on high in treesBecause spring is for mating and a time of nestingI’ll watch the … Continue reading Last Words

Throwback Friday – Promises – Eric (EDC Writing)

He a man untied to time or anything beyond accepted promises She his curved ball provokes imagination believes she can be his Conscience slips and slides everyday more blind to all he’ll leave behind As he sleeps he stares sees her in his darkness light rolls back their years Love beyond words felt though unheard … Continue reading Throwback Friday – Promises – Eric (EDC Writing)

Throwback Friday, Birds Of A Feather, by Ivor Steven

The logo for National Reconciliation Week (NRW) 2020 is based on artwork created by Biripi/Bunjalung woman Nikita Ridgeway entitled, “Reconciliation, a continuing journey of growth and togetherness.”   Birds Of A Feather   to colour us all tanned black or white didn’t seem right even a humorous sight maybe blue and green would’ve been a … Continue reading Throwback Friday, Birds Of A Feather, by Ivor Steven