Tender Warriors – Michele Vecchitto


tender leaves push through soil
and shake off winter’s grip
tiny tendrils reach
for the old metal lattice,
and quiver for just a moment —
an almost imperceptible movement
weighing the consequences
life or death, persevere or wait to wither
in the cool winds that blow
finding purchase, they coil
becoming one with iron bars
a small victory
a time to rest, the reward
while the moon rises in the night sky
the small plant gathers strength,
vibrating with the energy
it returns to earth
and as dawn paints the sky
with a palette of soft colors
it resumes the battle
stretching and growing
pulling the ones beneath
into the warmth of the morning sun
now a battalion, the young vine
climbs as one, a unit with purpose
units meander in all directions
wrapping round the old lattice
It is the skeleton and they are its skin
that covers each imperfection, each crack
together, they are beautiful
together, they are lush
together, they are alive
birds gather in the greenery
and sing songs of praise
that urge sweet-scented blooms
to open and dance in the summer rains
and so it goes, so it goes
through the seasons
marking time in rays that nourish
and evenings that creep in pace
with the creatures that scurry beneath
until the inevitable chill lays claim to the land
softly whispering lullabies and lies
urging each living thing to sleep
to let go
and so it goes, so it goes
those who fought to reach the top
of that old lattice are the first to slip
into the blue ever-after before
it cascades down the iron spine
and kisses each with cold lips
until that old lattice is left
naked and alone
to soldier through
the barren winter dreamscape
memories of spring


photo: mine

*alternate formatting on mkvecchitto.com

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