Throwback Friday – Long Story – Eric (EDC Writing)

A poem from April 2018 and a six-word line from February 2018 combined to give ‘Long Story’ – a ‘poem and a line’


Exchanged online words
likes and comments first
e-mails came affection grew

Arranged to meet she got cold feet
another day they met half-way
he reached out she let him touch

Hours flew departure hurt
long story now he gave too much
is this the end don’t know do you?


Both tied yet fell… no warning




EDC, an Englishman, a scientist, retired fellow, now writing, as is, whatever briefly comes into his head. Can be found blogging poetry and lines as ‘EDC Writing -Believing Sight Unseen’ at – a collection ‘Shorts – a take on poetry’  will be published by Potter’s Grove Press May 2020.

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