A note to the Lady of my Dreams

It does not matter whether the weather is sunshine and clear blue skies, or dark clouds and heavy snow. What matters is that the mind is acclimatized to experiencing the warmth of summer and not the bitter biting cold of winter.

Lazarus Shatipamba
blue-eyed, brown skinned beauty
who is not at all tall.

whom for i did stumble and fall
for when i was walking miles down the main street
of my imagination with tired feet.

following creativity
when i set my sights on you.

but you decided to take flight.
perhaps i put you in a fright?
or perhaps you were simply chasing
after your own dreams too.

but from just that brief encounter
i could feel somewhere deep inside
that one day you and i 
will walk the same path hand in hand
like lovers in a romantic film.

till then, keep exploring your mind
and count on me to find
you when the time is right.

© 2020 Lazarus Shatipamba

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9 thoughts on “A note to the Lady of my Dreams

  1. First, I really enjoyed the rhythm and poetics of this poem… but really, how it echoes feelings felt in my own past love experiences, that hope that keeps feet moving after the heart is tapped and then cracked a little bit. Meaningful stuff here.

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