Upon Waking in a Pandemic – Christine E. Ray


if this be
the end of days
it is not just the world
that has become
it is me I find
most changed
I thought
I knew myself
oil burning furiously
upon the water
fist raised in defiance
challenging the
heartless gods
only to find myself
drifting rootless
in this dark sea
barely able to muster
the drive
to stand on raised toes
face tilted toward
the sun
inhale deeply

© 2020 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

Image courtesy of Pinterest

14 thoughts on “Upon Waking in a Pandemic – Christine E. Ray

  1. Loved your words, and the way they describe the feeling is so beautiful.
    ‘These days of chaos has kept us behind closed doors,
    Most of us wanna fly high but couldn’t, The cages we made to save ourselves,
    All is there these words and thoughts of being free, Keeps us alive to fight another day.’


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