Throwback Friday – Timeline – Eugenia


conundrums are stale

in a muted world.

to silence the tongue

never one and done.

to smother the pen

a social injustice.

puzzles with no clues

unfair competition.

awaken the need to

broaden horizons and

open new windows.

define shadows from

behind closed doors.

time numbs while

renewal awaits for

wisdom to sate

the appetite for life

and sup its existence.

© Franci Eugenia Hoffman

A gander at me –
I enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally and personally. Now it’s time for me to follow my dreams by doing things I enjoy…spending time with family, learning, sharing, traveling, writing poetry and encouraging others to pursue their goals.

A throwback to my Tuesday Chatter series, since retired.

17 thoughts on “Throwback Friday – Timeline – Eugenia

  1. If we think back to our history lessons and other times when the world was fundamentally reordered, like the two World Wars or the Great Depression, I have to wonder what the world will look like when this is over. As I finally feel like the initial stages of reorganization to this crazy in-determinant time are almost complete in my own life, this poem is a good reminder of what we might make the world on the backside of this crisis. Perhaps we will see learn something about real community and compassion, about real connection and attentiveness. Who knows, either way, I will look forward to reading your wisdom, Eugi!


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  2. I love that word ‘conundrum’ Eugenia….. this time last year I sat on the end of my hospital bed, it was time for my discharge….. my world had been turned upside down, and inside out….. my thoughts were a confused mess….. my specialist neurosurgeon sat down next me….. he new about my doubts for the future….. ..
    “Are going on your trip to America Ivor”
    “I’m not sure Doc’, what do you reckon” I replied
    “Well Ivor, I know you’re in a “conundrum’ with what to do
    “I don’t think I’m strong enough Doc” I wasn’t confident
    “Ivor, you’ve still 5 weeks to go before you step onto the plane”
    “That’s the problem Doc, will I be fit enough” I shaking my head
    “Don’t worry Ivor… This is the way you are… you won’t the same anymore…. this is as good as it gets Ivor…. If I was you, I would not postpone your trip, Take your chances, enjoy yourself while you can”
    I smiled and cried all at once…. and I said “Thanks Doc”…. shook his hand and we had a parting hug. ….Well the rest is history, and history tells me… we must give life our best shot, while we are here…….((Hugs))

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