Support Your Favorite Indie Writers – Christine E. Ray

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Read a book by an Indie writer that you enjoyed lately?!  Your support can make a world of difference for an independent writer.

Most indie writers only earn a few dollars per copy in royalties.  Seriously.  The changes in the publishing industry over the last decade have made it much, much easier for a writer to self-publish or get published with a small press, but recent estimates suggest that only 100 American writers can actually support themselves on their book royalties alone.  Indie writers are often responsible for the majority of their own book marketing and promotion and are doing everything themselves from writing, to editing, to ordering those fancy bookmarks, to scheduling their own book tours.

Here are some easy ways that you can help support an indie writer so they can keep writing the books you love.

  • Shout out their books on social media along with an image of their book cover. Your recommendation of a book makes you a trendsetter!
  • Suggest the book to your book group and order copies through your local indie bookstore, helping both the writer and your local economy.
  • Rate their book and write a review on Goodreads and/or Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble online.  You only need a few sentences to make a big impact.
  • Buy a copy of the book and gift it to a reader in your life.


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