On Life-Devereaux Frazier

break my arm, cause I won’t stop running

after you, the desperate shape of you

shapes of you break around midtown streets

I grabbed your sneaker but I’m not charming

I took after midnight but I own zero castles

just a mind that pulls masterclass overthought

My jeans soaked from dashing through mud

Why are they laughing? You’re real, right

At least that’s what my head believes

Past heartburn, my whole fucking organism

Sucks down any and every form of oxygen

Solidifying my solid case of being stupid

Tears are just another liquid I try to ignore

And I’m such an ass, scarier than poison gas

Cause I broke the mold that they can’t fix

These millennials don’t know art or beauty

I hurl black ink at the lifeless creation

They attempt to call it life, but I call it a joke

A comedy they are, Jokers without the balls

The gumption, and the passionate belief

I’m not Batman though, I’m just Gotham

Broken, shaken, and battle tested

Darkness abides but somehow

There’s just a smidge of light

Someone thinks I just might be worth saving

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