TP Haiku and Sunday Chat with Steve 3/15/20, the one where I thank old friends of the Cafe

White square rarity What else can serve your purpose? No one wants to know ~ Em C. 3.14.20

TP Haiku

Go Dog Go Cafe friends, baristas and guests… some of you may recall that the idea of an Internet coffee shop for writers was inspired by an exchange I had with Poet Girl Em a few years back. So when Christine approached me about starting a collective, I merged the Go Dog Go Treetop idea she and I had bantered about in comments with the Coffee Shop idea Em and I had bantered about and the Go Dog Go Cafe was born. Check out the About page for details…

Anywho… Em had been pretty quiet around these Word Press parts but she has come back with a humorous flourish with this haiku! Take the time to visit the First Friend of the Cafe and a dear old blogging friend of mine and welcome her back. One of the many gifted writers who has touched my own writing life, so… encouragement authorized!

Another friend of the Cafe and dear friend of mine is Phoebe Chi, MD who has also returned to blogging after a break with an outstanding series of essays written by guests on health (plus some wicked awesome quotes to boost us all up). The most recent one features another GDG Cafe Friend Barbara. Not that Phoebe has been sitting on her hands, as a medical professional we all should say thanks for the service she is providing her patients in this most extraordinary times and a prayer that she stays healthy and well herself. Oh… and she also makes pendants to raise money for medical care for those in need. Never has there been a more necessary time for this! Please pay her a visit and support. I wear my pendant around my neck every day.

I know Vanessa, Alisa and Davy D are out there too. This Chat is dedicated with love to all the many people who supported and contributed to the Cafe in those early days! I am so grateful for you.

This is an extraordinary time for all of us. This Cafe will remain open until further notice and I hope that it will be a good place you can go to get some respite from the chaos and lots of encouragement for your creative work. Don’t forget about the Workshop… time to cut some words!

In the mean time… scroll around a while, wash your hands, stay healthy and be creative!


PS… this is my plan.

8 thoughts on “TP Haiku and Sunday Chat with Steve 3/15/20, the one where I thank old friends of the Cafe

  1. Stephen, it’s always nice to connect with old friends. That’s one of the many things I love about the cafe – old friends and new friends connecting. Happy Sunday and be aware of TP hoarders! 🤣🧻

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  2. Thanks to all the early writers at the Cafe! You have created a great space to share thoughts and ideas. I love this little haiku it reminds me to take a moment to smile in the midst of this current craziness.


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