Meander, by Donna Matthews


From the time we’re born,
there is a course set.
It isn’t mandated,
but it is there.

Do you believe in God?
Do you believe His Word?
He knew us before time began.
His plans for us set.

But we often meander;
we go this way and that way,
we search for meaning here and there,
we seek solace from him and her,
we wander from the set course.

Is this wayward meandering?
Are we lost because we wander?
He knew us from the beginning of time,
He created our roaming soul.

Who’s to say we’re off the path?
What IF the meander IS the path?
We travel the labyrinth and circle ever closer to the center.
Who will travel alongside us?

Today I move…one foot in front of the other.
Tomorrow again.
At death’s door I am a meanderer;
I saw, I tasted, I felt, I wandered, I traveled, I lived, I loved, I followed my path.

Your time is short dear sojourner; travel well and meander freely.

© 2014-2020 – Donna Matthews

Hey y’all, thanks for visiting the Go Dog Go Cafe and I hope you enjoyed reading today’s selection. I am Donna Matthews, a born and bred Texan who can usually be found writing, painting, taking pictures, or traveling the world on foot. I’m all about love, people, sharing, and doing life together and would love to get to know you. I host two blogs…the first, The DJ Ranch, documents my personal adventures while the second, Slay The Chaos, focuses on mindsets, technology, productivity and organization. Come on over for a visit sometime 💙

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