Throwback Friday, Mystic Man, by Ivor Steven

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Sixteen months ago, I was in hospital, and the specialists were not sure what was wrong with me, so I was place in a ‘Isolation/quarantine’ room for 2 weeks, and I have been reminded of that incarceration, by the present ‘Coronavirus outbreak, and I am reflecting on my time in that situation, and of being separated from the outside world….. During this isolation, I wrote a number of poems, and “Mystic Man” is one of those writings….. a mysterious poem, and obviously, in my mind I was desperately planning my ‘escape’……my imagination was running a fever…..


Mystic Man


I’m digging a tunnel

With my ball and chain

Underneath the great wall

Towards the east side of the moon

Away from these wasted days

Beyond the drain of pain

My eyes search for a light

Through my grotto’s ceiling crack

Resolutely my heart yells at me

“There’s no turning back”

Fingers are bloodied

Toes are blistered

My throat is parched

Lips are sweat covered with dirt

I’m desperate for the evening rain

And a cooling breeze

Fresh upon my old crusty skin

I’m to meet a mystic Arab

Cloaked in cloth of indigo blue

He’s been sent by Muhammad to save me

Burst me free, and find my lost kin



Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020

19 thoughts on “Throwback Friday, Mystic Man, by Ivor Steven

  1. Can anyone put a poem on there Uvor, or does Stephen have to select then? I saw this poem when you furst posted it on your site, and related to it so well from when I was three months in isolation, barrier nursed, with tuberculosis in the seventies. Yuk! You describe it well 😆

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  2. Ivor… the sense of being caged in… yes… I wonder if I dare… to put myself way back there…
    When the sea rocked me silly… to see if I might bully… a poem or two about the prison it meant to me

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  3. yep, it was a weird sensation Stephen, and I probably wasn’t fully comprehending my situation at the time, and looking back over these poems gives me a grand insight into my overall 3 month stay in hospital…… I’ll send you a PDF copy of my “Tullawalla Booklet, The Healing House” via your email…


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