(New!) Wednesday’s Level UP Challenge, 3/4/20 and Tuesday’ Writing Prompt Challenge Round UP

Good morning Friends, Baristas, and regular guests here at the Go Dog Go Cafe, it’s level UP day here at the cafe! Last week was a little slower with only 2 brave souls, Tanya and Punam, taking on the challenge of Eugi’s Stellar, Devereaux’s ‘I never want that again,’ Sadje’s bicycle photo and Luka Bloom’s “Acoustic Motorbike.” In fairness, I had life get away from me and never got to my own challenge.  Bad, blogger, bad.

I hope you had a chance to explore Beth’s fantastic challenge “Let There Be Storms.” We have had some great posts this week, !12! so far! Follow the links below to these, but don’t think you can only take the GDG Challenge on Tuesdays… try it today, tomorrow… or anytime this week!

How are we going to Level UP this week?

(BTW don’t forget to post them in the comments!!!)

Level ONE:

Incorporate two of the following prompts into your writing:

Beth’s “Let There Be Storms”

Eugi’s Winsome


Sadje’s picture prompt below (click it to jump to her page)


Level Two: mix up all three or two and the song below.

Or Level Three:

Mix these prompts up with a most appropriate post-Super Tuesday song by Tears for Fears, Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

I did get to Level Three this week, though the full context of this poem will be explained through an Into My Own post in the morning.

…With You

Welcome, child, to this life. Fear it.
The bombs, the walls, the hate, the…
Everything that wants to rule your world.

Smile winsome child across the tethered bridge
To the woods awaiting you across this gorge
Behave while everything comes tumbling down.

I need to stop, to breathe, to believe.
I cannot take one step across without faith
That on the other side it will be better
Than what the indecisive blind gods
Who want to rule the world with greed built.

Storms will come, child, but carry on, let them
Toss the foundation, nothing lasts forever, but
Believe I will find you because I will find you.

So with breathe drawn take the next step across
When on the other side you will find me standing
Ready to take it all on, to build something new…

(C) 2020 Stephen Fuller

Tuesday’s Round Up:





March Gratitude 2/3/20: The One Where U2 Performs Bad at Live Aid, I Take a Go Dog Go Prompt, Write an Into My Own reflection, and Say Thank You to Bono






Tanka: Storms


46 thoughts on “(New!) Wednesday’s Level UP Challenge, 3/4/20 and Tuesday’ Writing Prompt Challenge Round UP

      • Thank you Stephen…. I’m like most people in the world, we all have our little problems….. mine is the 3 strokes I’ve had, and the after affects of continuing mental and physical tiredness, most of the time I manage my condition well, but I’m an absent minded writer who forgets to go at suitable pace afford by my situation….. I love to participate, and I’m my involvement at the ‘Cafe’…..I’m a loyalist by nature, but I have to slow down and curb my enthusiasm at times…… …
        Anyhow don’t worry, I cope ok….. I did let Christine know of my doubts and possible limitations of being a Barista, when she asked me to apply to be a Barista…… I shall continue to do my best here at the ‘Cafe’
        Cheers… Ivor…. 😊🤔🌏

        Liked by 1 person

      • I want you to rest assured that what you do is wonderful and appreciated. Do not put any extra pressure on yourself, we love having you here and would not ask anything more of you than to just do what you can. We are grateful for you, very. When Christine and I talked prior to my return, she was so very excited to have you on board. So go at your pace, enjoy the life you have been given following those strokes and know you are truly appreciated.

        Liked by 1 person

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