Review of The Darkness of His Dreams, John W. Leys by Kristiana Reed

The Darkness of His Dreams

Leys is a poet whose work is imbued with lyrical rhythm. Throughout this book, Leys’ words sing and his passion for the written word leaps from the pages.

He is also a poet dedicated to his muses and influences, with pieces written for Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg and Vincent Van Gogh. However, the heart of this collection are the pieces created with his loving and sorely missed parents in mind. The final Kaddish is a triumph.

Thus, Leys flits delicately between grief, melancholy, joy, cynicism and hopeful hilarity. Leys is eclectic and he writes what he wants to write; a quality I admire greatly.

I write about love, lust, struggle, survival, fickle things, dreams and the stars. And anything in between.  You can read more of my writing at My Screaming Twenties

I released my debut collection of poetry and prose in May 2019, Between the Trees which is available to buy, below. I am currently working on my second collection.

Between the Trees:

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