Guest Barista: “Grandma” by Anna Banasiak


In a rocking chair at the window
she was left alone tired
still behind the glass she sees
her sons grandchildren
little granddaughter behind the curtain
sad Anka
only old furniture
faithful to death

I’m a poet and occupational therapist. My poems have been published in New York, London, Surrey, Australia, Canada, India, Africa, Japan, China, Cuba, Israel. I’m the winner of poetry competitions in Berlin, London, Bratislava. My poetry is collected in Fabrizio Frosini’s anthologies, poetry blogs and journals.
I published a book for children “Tales from the Land of Wasps“, poetry book for mother “lull me lull“, poetry books “Duet of Tears” with Noriko Nagaoka and “Duet of Waves” with Yoshimasa Kanou in English and Japanese, “Duet of Masks” in English and Persian with Afrooz Jafarinor. My poetry was presented at Pantangar and Kyoto Poetry Reading 2019. I belong to Kamena, Micropoetry Society and Japan Poets Association.

Find more of my work here and learn about me here.

I love helping people through art, therapy and poetry.

(C) 2020 Anna Banasiak

3 thoughts on “Guest Barista: “Grandma” by Anna Banasiak

  1. Powerful words illustrating a heartbreaking reality. Thank you for this poem. I’m thrilled to see you are an OT! I studied occupational therapy for five years and finally settled on being an anatomy teacher. I’m excited to see a fellow health science minded writer in these parts!


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