THROWBACK FRIDAY, Silent on Chauncy Creek, a poem by Stephen

Silent on Chauncey Creek
a peacefulness so complete
the voice of each bird,
nameless to me now,
is as lucid as my own inner song
perhaps the respective beauties are incomparable
comparison resides in peacefulness,
and, thus, unnecessary.

I remember writing this one while visiting my brother in Portsmouth, NH. Seems even back when I was 25, about half what I am now, I was seeking and finding stillness. Sometimes, looking back on my work exposes the person I was trying to be all along and I understand more and more the Odyssey and Joseph Campbell.

(C) 1995, Stephen Fuller
Chauncey Creek by Anne Scheer

Chauncey Creek

31 thoughts on “THROWBACK FRIDAY, Silent on Chauncy Creek, a poem by Stephen

    • It’s funny, I once kept all my poems organized in computer files based on when they were written. Over time, I stopped doing this because I grew less attached to the moment they were written and allowed that distance to give a new life to old poetry. Now, though, I see a different value in that organization. This one was in my 1995 file, and I just cut and pasted it as it was there. But you are right, this was a return to my roots in NH after a few years away at college and then a few years in the navy that had begun to open my world up dramatically. I had no idea that I was looking for stillness even then, but it should not surprise me… I understood even then the need to be someplace different than where I was. The noise was still more attractive or perhaps what I thought was more attractive…

      Wait… I better get off the couch before you start charging me! 😆

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  1. I feel finding stillness in our life is beneficial to our well-being.

    Most of my life chapters now have stillness but some are still filled with noise. However, it is good noise, the kind that keeps me moving forward. Beautiful piece, Stephen.

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  2. the artwork is a timeless piece of beauty just like your poem here, there are birds that visit my garden and I too do not know their names but they still offer their beautiful voices so faithfully.

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    • Thank you Gina. I need to dig a little more on the art work to know a bit about the artist… but it is beautiful for sure!

      Thank you so much for these kind words about this poem, it really was uncanny reading it… like I was foreshadowing my own moment of now.

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