Throwback Friday-Old Shoes by Megha Sood

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
—From an Irish headstone”


Lying on the top shelf
covered with layers of time
still, has their character
carrying their worries
from moments of time

They smiled when he
slipped into them
wilted when they left
aged with the feet
for all the road traveled
more or less

Marked in their sole
they store their own maps
leather has been worn
thread has been frayed
seams showing  at the gaps

They wait eternally like
that unwanted kid in the
foster home
never to be picked out again

oh! those old shoes
of my father
those who once shined;
the feet crossed
the dimensions
leaving those wretched shoes behind.

Photo by Christian Roßwag on Unsplash

19 thoughts on “Throwback Friday-Old Shoes by Megha Sood

  1. your chosen quote holds deep meaning for me Megha, and as I read your poem each line took me on a journey, of grown children like us holding memories so close of figures from our childhood, one of your strongest poems, I really love this one.

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