Throwback Friday – “Just sayin'”- Eugenia


you know,

not so long ago

bootless folds of time

wrinkled our minds

life not a bow tie event

faceless selfies needed to vent

there were the highs

there were the lows

those in the parade

a slapdash masquerade?

lackluster acts a plethora of airs

inviting judgment fixated stares

the world intoxicated

our future speculated

like a drunken apostrophe

oh lord won’t you buy me

a Mercedes Benz

and a magical lens

© Franci Eugenia Hoffman

A gander at me –
I enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally and personally. Now it’s time for me to follow my dreams by doing things I enjoy…spending time with family, learning, sharing, traveling, writing poetry and encouraging others to pursue their goals.

Lyrically, I personally lean towards venting. – Patrick Stump

throwback to my Tuesday Chatter, 2017-18 series, since retired.

13 thoughts on “Throwback Friday – “Just sayin'”- Eugenia

    • Most of the poems I wrote for the Tuesday Chatter series reflected “back in the day”. Some I related to actual events that took place in certain years – sixties through nineties. I enjoyed writing these because it sparked my curiosity forcing me to research reasons for things that happened back then. Mind you, my life spanned many yesteryears and my perception of what took place back then is much different now that I am older. Plus, a lot of what I wrote tied in phrases and titles from music.

      When I switched to the Gutenberg editor, many of my older posts errored. Thus the reason for my retiring the TC series, however, I copied/pasted the poems into Word in order to repurpose.

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  1. i like that phrase “wrinkled our minds” like a frown from inside when a thought could not take hold. I am not sure why or how but your poem reminds me of the Philadelphia Experiment, was it a hoax, did it exceed physical laws? very thought provoking lines

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