THROWBACK FRIDAY, Gossamer Threads, a poem by Tanya

the gossamer threads unwound
like a bodice unlaced
or a shell cracked
or a brittle paper torn
skin so delicate
that the lightest touch
along the curvature of the neck
more whispered than felt
like a warm spring breeze
created such a tremor within
the old garment was undone
it couldn’t resist the fluttering
what chrysalis can?
the bondage fell away
in tatters, like late snow falling
melting into verdant ground
and new existence
in scales incandescent
a life with wings

©2019 Tanya Cliff

original here

24 thoughts on “THROWBACK FRIDAY, Gossamer Threads, a poem by Tanya

  1. Tanya, I melted right into every line of your poem, yesterday I saw a tiny butterfly clinging to the end of a long stemmed plant, I took its photo close up and personal but it did not mind me at all, this morning it is still there, your poem speaks beautifully of the strength delicate creatures have even when exposed to the elements, it clings on, just living as it was meant to be. thank you for this beautiful piece of poetry.

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    • Thank you so much, Gina! When my kids were little we found monarch butterfly eggs and small caterpillars. We gathered them up with milkweed and watched their amazing transformation. The newly hatched butterflies would hang on a finger or shirt for a few hours as they dripped dry. Just amazing! Nature inspires.

      I will be planting milkweed in the meadow at my new place this year. Hopefully we will draw in a lot of butterflies. Maybe we can even hatch a few.

      Much love your way, Gina!

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