Throwback Friday – acidic dreams – Gina

There’s a pattern to darkness
Invoking a ritual of
Long forgotten instructions, now
dissolving on carbon printed quotes
Before dawn corrodes the night
Tiny strips of diamond Studded knots
Unbreakable like valence bonds
induces a Chemical reaction through
volcanic pleasure domes
High on youth and smoke screams
acidic dreams plummet eventually

a poem inspired by my view over the city……..high above in my glass tower

Link to my Ebooks on my homepage.

Trust you heart if the seas catch fire ~ e.e cummings

20 thoughts on “Throwback Friday – acidic dreams – Gina

  1. I remember when I visited this city with my kids. A couple of them wouldn’t go up that tower and I was a little scared myself… but I did. And wow… it was an amazing view. This poem has a remarkably ominous tone to it…

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    • I am afraid of heights but my kids are the brave ones and I am led with eyes closed, but you are right totally worth up once up the towers.

      I feel the city has a different energy at night, so innocent in the day time but at night the lights make it mysterious and full of adventure, probably felt unsafe in some areas too and I am always a little weary and my imagination goes wild! Hence the ominous sounding lines.

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