Promote a Poet/Writer Thursday, February 20, 2020


Welcome to Promote a Poet/Writer Thursday! This is the day of the week where all members of the Go Dog Go Café Community are invited to introduce a Poet or Writer they enjoy reading.

Participating is really fast and simple- in the comments below, post the link for the Home Page of the Poet/Writer you are introducing to us and tell us briefly why you think they are special.

We encourage all of you to visit these blogs (or social media pages) and get acquainted with some great new writers. You never know who you might meet. . .

Happy reading!

45 thoughts on “Promote a Poet/Writer Thursday, February 20, 2020

  1. Thank you, Eugenia, for this wonderful opportunity!

    I had the pleasure this week of reading one of the best poems I’ve read in ages. It has everything! Poignant emotions. Beautiful imagery. Superb craftsmanship. And a vital, urgent theme.

    Paeansunplugged’s poem, “A Foolish Notion”, was recently honored by being published on Spillwords.
    Here’s the link to it there:

    And you can congratulate Paensunplugged herself on her blog, which you will find here:

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  3. Today I am traveling north from Maine and going to Canada with Jen Goldie.

    Learn a little about the suffragette movement in Alberta here: At this site she posts regularly about Canadian history.

    And read her poetry here

    She is a regular at the Cafe and routinely takes both Eugi and Sadje’s prompts… sounds like she is ready for a Level UP! Lol.

    Pay her a visit and then scroll around a while and visit with the others shared today.


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