Crow, a poem by Stephen

We have had some amazing participation this week with the Promote Yourself Monday and the challenges, but let’s get some barista poetry activity jump-started with this one written while “trying” to meditate… a little bit of Poe inspiration drawn from the Dangerous Thoughts theme…

The crow stands watch over me, protects my fate…
Or perhaps awaits it, knowing as it does
More than me from its lofty perch. I seek stillness.

Each breath I try to return to gets interrupted
By the caw caw caw of this raven,
Poe, what
Quote it? I do not wish to know, not yet. Yet

He continues, this one, raised upon its telephone pole,
His caw caw caw echoing across the neighborhood
As if there are others like me sitting in stillness

Trying to ignore fate, that momentous mori
That craven black-winged guardian sings
In rhythm with hearts, a shadow on the floor.

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