Guest Barista Saturday: Paul Sunstone

Today Paul Sunstone from visits us! Check out his new book (and if you have a book coming out, drop us a line. Happy to read and review and promote!)

Until Saturday at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (about 15 hours from now), the Kindle ebook version of “Sunburst Woman” will be available to own for free from Amazon to anyone who wants a copy. I am wondering if you would be interested in announcing the fact on Go Dog Go? The thought occurs to me that one or two of your followers might be interested. Here are the details…

The ebook can be searched for on Amazon as “Sunburst Woman and other poems about intimacy” by Jack Ontair.   (Ontair is my pen name for both the book and for a follow-on series of several books that I aim to release over the next ten years.)  The ebook must be ordered from the customer’s local Amazon store.  For example, Australians must order it from Amazon Australia, Americans from Amazon USA, etc.  

Here is the link for Americans interested in the ebook:

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