Throwback Friday -Self Love – Megha Sood

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovelies. Love can happen anywhere, anytime with anyone but it always starts with you. Self-love is the best way to live.

A warm and a tight hug 

can do wonders I have heard

It can lick and suck all your pain

for those who have eternally suffered

It’s that magic potion

that elixir

that have worked wonders 

in the present

and in the past

that secret ingredient 

which has turned the sourest 

of the situations 

into a loving welcome

a bright start.

A deep and welcoming smile 

can make you forget all your worries

it strips you off

your anger and pain

and the stubborn suffering 

you have been carrying

I have learned this all the lessons in the past

but forgot the 

most important of all

to start


by hugging my own heart.


19 thoughts on “Throwback Friday -Self Love – Megha Sood

  1. Megha,

    Thank you for this message, one that I think is really at the heart of what the Go Dog Go Cafe is all about. As I came to terms with my need to write, I had to accept that others did not see this as the good thing I saw it. People who were very close to me and thus people who hurt me the most with their indifference and criticism. I had to break a lot of stuff to understand that I alone had to love this version of me… it was a painful process, and one that I hope having a place like this Cafe can help young boys like me find peace before they need to break stuff.

    I am very grateful you have shared this.


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    • Thanks so much Stephen.Feedback like yours lifts my spirit and validates my writing. If it brings source of inspiration to even a single soul I feel so honored by it.You are a brave soul Stephen and I’m honored to have known you through this platform.Never lets that spirit of “Being you” die.Light and Love.Megha

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      • Thank you Megha. I am focused on building the go dog go community right now, but have my own story that I have begun telling in bits and pieces at my own blog. Certainly a lot of those pieces are in my poetry. But I do have a story to tell, one that I hope will both continue a processing of healing, but also continue a process of becoming something other than a man I had come to hate. It is about recovery, recovering who I was meant to be when given this gift of life, and these uniquely Stephen things that I have slowly come to terms with. Thank you for your support.

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