Level UP Writing Challenge, 2/11, Moves to the Cafe!

Good afternoon Friends, Baristas, and regular guests here at the Go Dog Go Cafe, a few weeks back I introduced the Level UP Writing Challenge at Fullbeard Lit which incorporated the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge with prompts from Eugi, frequent cafe guest, Sadje, and founding Barista, Christine along with a video to a song I have been obsessed with: November by Max Richter. Last week, I repeated that effort adding in a prompt from another frequent guest, Robin Leeann.

This week, I move the Level UP here to capture your attention, direct it to Devereaux’s prompt here from earlier today and highlight a couple of other prompts you will discover in a moment.

What is the Level UP?

Level ONE:

Incorporate two of the following prompts into your writing:


Eugi’s “Love” (includes her roundup from last week’s prompt!)


Sadje’s picture prompt below (click it to jump to her page)


Level Two, throw them all into a piece.

Or Level Three:

Incorporate Just Breathe by Pearl Jam, a song that I love:

Find the lyrics here and look for their new album Gigaton on March 27!

My Level Three offering:

Please, Love, Just Breathe

He shredded her dreams and she shred back.
Those dreams they shared once upon a car ride
Where to they went now they no longer know.
This destination had not been on the triptik,
Nor in the margins, off the beaten track; that
Route had been carved with love, it had seemed.

Alone, he just breathes. Pulled from his shoes.
An invisible man. A shadow. Puddled reflection.
She floats above the water. The sea he’d called
Home. The depths where he tried bury his soul
Blues distilled with a flash to make brine.
What drink remained, left for the parched.

Whose dignified now? Who breathes an air
Of victory? In this moment, she like vapor,
He like ripples, they complete their drift
Apart. Signatures notarized. Dreams filed.
They both hope for the other the love they
Could not figure out how to cobble, together.

Last week’s Level UP roundup found at FullbeardLit:

MB: http://wordslessspoken781842219.blog/2020/02/06/lava-rocks

Tanya: http://tanyacliff.com/2020/02/08/cherita-17/

Me: https://fullbeardlit.org/2020/02/11/so-a-tree-grows-in-rings-a-level-up-challenge-poem-by-stephen/

Hop over to Sadje’s page for her roundup from last week!

(C) 2020 Stephen Fuller

19 thoughts on “Level UP Writing Challenge, 2/11, Moves to the Cafe!

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  2. Well now you’ve done it! I just listened to that song and it brought lots of tears, not just the words but the way he sang it. Music is very revealing. I now have to gather myself for the rest of the day, but thank you for letting me experience that song.

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