Always Remember, a Throw ‘WAY’ back poem by Stephen

September 10, 1985

Summertime is gone
With it the sunshine
There will be a new dawn
With it new sunshine

Life does not end
With one season
Look around the bend
You will see the reasons

Don’t forget your new found friends
Or your old renewed friendships
Never forget our summertime trends
Be ready to sail on new ships

Life is meant for living and loving
Keep on learning and discovering

You must carry on
Without written lines
Because there comes a new dawn
And with it new sunshine

Remember trust and love
And with them patience
You will see a white dove
True love will make sense

Remember, Summertime is gone
With it the warm sunshine
Soon comes the awaited dawn
With it warmer sunshine

This poem began it all for me and serves as an introductory piece to the Into My Own series at Fullbeard Lit.

Stephen began writing poetry as a teenager in New Hampshire and kept at it throughout a 27 year career in the Navy. During that time he found homes for poems in Scholastic, Powhatan Review, Skipping Stones, Portfolio, and the Virginia Pilot as well as having a collaborative poem shared in Christine Ray’s brilliant Myths of Girlhood. For a year he actively blogged as Sailor Poet and co-founded the Go Dog Go Cafe. Following his retirement from active duty, he has begin pursuing a writing career in earnest, has resumed blogging at and is now the managing editor at the Go Dog Go Cafe.

(C) 1985 Stephen Fuller

17 thoughts on “Always Remember, a Throw ‘WAY’ back poem by Stephen

    • Thank you Eugi. When I wrote this as a mere 15 year old I had no perspective that life would have dark periods and that those periods would end with a whole new view. It is good to reread this one in that light and in the new light that comes with the sun… 🤓🤓🤓

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