Wednesday Chat with Stephen, 2/5/20

This Wednesday finds me off my blogging game and I blame an ill-advised decision to take a red-eye across country after a visit with two of my most important people on the West Coast. Seems red-eyes are meant for younger folks or perhaps smarter people who plan a rest prior to boarding the plane. Let’s hope I make a good mental note and plan better next time!

The consequence to readers aside from this small therapeutic ramble: I posted the PYM Compilation a day late, am more behind than usual in getting to the many wonderful comments, and have only a concept in my head for this week’s Level Up Challenge. Bear with me, we will get to it. I am excited that frequent guest Robin Leann has agreed to offer her challenge this week… so please look for the post either later tonight or first thing tomorrow.

Last week’s Level Up accomplished an important goal of mine by increasing the traffic at our Tuesday Writing Challenge as well as drawing attention to a few of my favorite ‘prompters’ around the Word Press community. My hope is to capture some of the Level Ups in this week’s blog post, but in the mean time keep scrolling around and supporting one another.

This week, I want to highlight our Thursday feature here at the Go Dog Go Cafe where we ask our Baristas and Guests to promote a writer they enjoy. We typically do not get a huge turnout, which is a shame because there are so many wonderful talents looking for their audience here at Word Press. I will be the first to stand up and hold myself accountable, though. When I get that positive endorphin rush from likes on a post, I will often try to pop over and give a reciprocal like back and in the process find that many of these writers have a small following and deserve more. My goal this week is to get back in the spirit of Thursday Promotions… this is important if not more so to the ethos of this Cafe than the PYM.

In that vein, I plan to compile the previous month’s Thursday shares in the first Wednesday Chat of the month… head out and visit these great folks:

Speak Out

mathematics for breakfast


to whom it may concern, the answer is hot tea vending machines. (part four)

Conversion on the Little Patuxent

“The Door Man”

The Glen

And thank you to the following for promoting these great writers:

Andrew (p.s. I will be sharing a short essay from Andrew where he comments on is favorite writing resources this Saturday here at the Cafe)




The Bag Lady




Have a wonderful week and as always, scroll around a while…


P.S. Next week I promise more details on the Writing Workshop Saturday’s starting up next month. Our host will be Tanya Cliff and she will be emailing me the final details of her plan this week… but from what she has already sent my way, I think this will be a wonderful edition to the Go Dog Go Cafe community.

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