Angry North Winds by Donna Matthews

Featured Image - Angry North WindsIn honor of National Haiku Writing Month (NaHaiWriMo), let’s play around with the various Haiku acceptable forms…a few key components of a haiku include a nature theme and a seasonal word. This morning, a random cold front blew into the Houston area taking our spring-like temperatures down into the 30s tonight. Our budding trees sit in confusion tonight.

How I learned to write syllabic poetry
5-7-5 Syllables
naked trees stand strong
their finery blown away
angry north winds blow

I kind of cheated this evening reusing the same 5 syllables as above

naked trees
angry north winds blow
still stand strong

I’m growing quite fond of the simplicity demanded of the 2-3-2 format

naked trees
stand strong

© 2014-2020 – Donna Matthews

Author’s Notes: The above poem is written in the form of Haiku. Haiku is an unrhymed poetic form consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three lines of 5-7-5 (other acceptable formats include 3/5/3, 2/3/2) syllables respectively. Haiku tends to relate primarily to NATURE. Other guidelines include a seasonal word to give the reader an idea of the time of year and the language should be simple and straightforward. Learn more about poetry styles here.

Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenges are an opportunity for students of poetry to explore different styles and to connect with other poets from around the world. Colleen provides a prompt but the poem must use synonyms of the prompt only (except for the first Tuesday of the month and then it’s the poet’s choice). Poetry forms can include Haiku, Tanka, Haibun, Cinquain, Etheree, Shadorma, Senryu, or Nonet. Learn more about various poetry styles here. This week is poet’s choice.


Hey y’all, thanks for visiting the Go Dog Go Cafe and I hope you enjoyed reading today’s selection. I am Donna Matthews, a born and bred Texan who can usually be found writing, painting, taking pictures, or traveling the world on foot. I’m all about love, people, sharing, and doing life together and would love to get to know you. I host two blogs…the first, The DJ Ranch, documents my personal adventures while the second, Slay The Chaos, focuses on mindsets, technology, productivity and organization. Come on over for a visit sometime 💙

13 thoughts on “Angry North Winds by Donna Matthews

  1. Donna,

    Fantastic examples of haiku and their formats. I received a review of some poems I had submitted for publication, and I think the comments for My Little Wren Friend struck a similar chord you are here: see how well you can convey your intended meaning even as you cut words. I think you have done this beautifully with all three forms of haiku, each conveying the strength of that tree in the face of strong wind and perhaps even serving as a allegory for us in a time of seaming barrenness. Stand strong, the wind is temporary,.

    Thank you so much for sharing this and I think as the GDG continues to grow and evolve, I do love the idea of us using these themed months to encourage and support one another…

    Hmmm… level Up next week?


    Liked by 1 person

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