Published- Megha Sood

Hello Everyone!

Please join me in congratulating Megha on another fabulous month of published work. Megha is kind enough to share the list with us as they are a wonderful resource should you decide you want to submit your own work.


Have a wonderful month of Love, Linda Lee Lyberg

Following is a list of print publications/news for the month of January 2020.

1. Poetry published in the Screaming from the silence anthology by Vociferous Press

2. Assistant Poetry Editor at the UK based Literary Journal, Mookychick

3. Poetry published in the Headline Poetry Press

4. Poetry published in the Winter edition of Poetry Quarterly by Prolific Press

5. Poetry published in the Free Verse Revolution

6. Poetry Published in the Arial Chart

7. Poetry selected at Top20  reading at the Las vegas Poetry Festival by Poetry International

8. Poetry published in the Door is  Jar Magazine

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