Throwback Friday – A Mother Watches Her Child from a Window by Stephen

That child wandered into the woods… again…
Over the stone wall, over this seasons’
Pile of rotting leaves. Rain lurks about,
An idle mist, an idle threat; not falling. Not yet.

Does he have his companion?
The dog who shakes his collar rattling
Rabies and name-tags as if to ask
Why they stop, home nowhere near.

He’ll nip my boy’s heels; a slobbery pant
Says there is no happiness but to be with him.
Maybe they will make a friend — real or imagined —
Someone who can know the boy from the inside out.

I see him bend at the stream, hands cupped
He sips fresh water to drink, the tonic,
Of all brave adventurers who came before,
Discovered every tree, fern, thistle and weed

As if for the first time, every time.
Never lost, this child… off in woods
Lovely, dark, and deep,
Still miles to go before sleep.

Originally posted at SailorPoet, this poem has been revisited and revised as I gather poems from the time of that blog to assemble into a book (or two or three… there were a lot of poems over there) for publication… somewhere.

Stephen began writing poetry as a teenager in New Hampshire and kept at it throughout a 27 year career in the Navy. During that time he found homes for poems in Scholastic, Powhatan Review, Skipping Stones, Portfolio, and the Virginia Pilot as well as having a collaborative poem shared in Christine Ray’s brilliant Myths of Girlhood. For a year he actively blogged as Sailor Poet and co-founded the Go Dog Go Cafe. Following his retirement from active duty, he has begin pursuing a writing career in earnest, has resumed blogging at and is now the managing editor at the Go Dog Go Cafe.

(C) 2020 Stephen Fuller

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