Throwback Friday: Daytime Wondering by Liyona

Late in the day

with only a pencil

and pen

to my name

and wish that you were here

by my side

Late in the evening

with only a soft

red blanket

to comfort

my lonely heart

And I wish that the flowers bloom

In the dusk set air


tomorrow will wash

over each time and place

and soon I will forget

the reason for my aches




Liyona is an “average joe” kind of writer who likes to think about ordinary things and then write them down. Ever since she can remember, she has been rhyming words and creating lyric poems. During her college years, she took a more serious bent toward writing and started to post on her blog (The Life and Times of a Quirky Character.) Currently, she resides on the East Coast of the United States just north of the country’s capital.

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