Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Funny Girl

1-18-2020.pngMy January 2020 prompts are inspired by some of the greatest movie musicals of the last nine decades in all their politically incorrect technicolor glory. Even if you are not a movie musical fan, I hope that you find these prompts intriguing.  They are designed to inspire you to write a poem, prose piece, piece of flash fiction, or create a piece of art in 30 minutes or less.

The only rule is that you use the musical title as your piece title OR integrate all the words in the title into your piece in some wayExtra credit will be awarded to those who pay tribute to these fabulous films.

I love sharing your responses to my prompts.  If you would like to have your piece considered for publication on Brave and Reckless, please email your prompt-inspired pieces to me at  

A short biography and a link where visitors can see more of your work is helpful and responses accompanied by a suggested image are much quicker for me post.

You can also share your response pieces in the comments below the Daily Prompt.

Funny Girl

11 thoughts on “Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Funny Girl

  1. Funny girl
    Head full of curls
    I sit amazed
    What a mess you create
    Something inside allows those tears to dry
    Replaced with silliness and sighs
    Oh how that smile lights up your eyes
    If only you could just set yourself free
    Escaping the destruction of those called family
    Tied together with laughter and tears
    Trauma and judgment
    Stealing your years
    Oh beautiful funny girl
    Please just see
    You are wonderful
    You are powerful
    You can be everything you yearn to achieve
    I know you can’t see it
    But you
    My dear
    An uniquely magnificent being
    Living a life
    Not worth living

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