Colors of Love: Indigo

Crisp apple bites

and warm pumpkin pie

all remind me of that

blue indigo sky

where the horizon met the sun

and kissed the dawn

with pale colors of love.

where we looked at the stars

before the day began

and dreamed up

every possibility

our lives could hold.

how your denim jacket

felt against my cheek as I

warmed my face in the crook

of your neck.

where you told me the fears you had as a child

and how you never thought

you could be a man

where I told you my heart’s true desire

to live as a storyteller

beyond my time.

we laughed at our dreams

as the night sky faded to light

as the inky dyed hours turned to

a symphony of morning doves.

This is poem 6 in a series of poems titled “Colors of Love”. I felt like writing about love but also having some sort of structure to my inspiration regarding this word. So I used ROYGIBV (Red,orange,yellow,green,indigo,violet) as inspiration for each day. Luckily there are seven colors and seven days of the week: each day corresponds with a color. My other poems can be found on the blog The Life and Times of a Quirky Character. Also, apologies that I have been so MIA on the Go Dog Go Cafe! Life has been quite full and distracting. Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash.


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