Hesitation in Gold- Michael Erickson


Each day upon this shining scene,

I see you staring across each green living thing.

Fixed by your stare I stand upon a mountainside,

Wind tossing clouds to and froe.

I would reach out to you with a hand to hold,

But you’ve already escaped this scene.

Eyes now unfocused looking not beyond me,

Irises so full of exhilaration and inquiry.

You stare into my eyes as one who looks into wanting infinity,

Attempting to comprehend the vast expanse.

Upon my brow and aging face,

I see the want to ask your silent questions.

Drifting upon each breeze waiting to cast their spell,

I want more but your look only speaks so much.

A perpetual looping exchange,

Your golden eyes upon mine locked with flame.

An eternity of Autumns pass us by,

Morphing fears from unwanted rhymes.

Yet there you stand waiting there,

As if wishing your heart was laid open bare.

I wish you’d stay so I can hear,

But you’ve moved beyond my listening ear.

Michael is a husband, father, writer, poet, and aspiring author. He finds time to scribble down his thoughts in the dead of night, between ghosts and night owls. If you’d like to read more of his poetry follow the link here. Or to visit his full blog, ‘The Ink Owl’ click here.

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